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the problem

Discoverability and information availability are the biggest problems in the NFT space.


There are millions of NFT collections, but there is no easy way to find them. Buyers miss out on opportunities, and creators struggle for attention. NFT platforms focus on trading volumes, leaving little room for new collections to get traction. The signal-to-noise ratio on social media is terrible. Information is scattered across platforms, making it easy to miss key details.

introducing Watchen

Watchen is a directory of NFTs that improves discoverability and information availability.


We offer new and improved ways to discover NFT projects. On Watchen, you can get personalized recommendations based on your wallet holdings & on how active a community is.


Watchen provides all the information you need about a project in one place, in a few clicks. Collected from multiple sources, we make it easy for you to do your necessary research.


Each collection has a dedicated comment section with enchanced security mesures to prevent spam and abuse. Engage with others having peace of mind.

Collectors, traders, and creators all benefit from Watchen.

For Collectors

Watchen offers a safe and impartial environment for collectors to discover new projects more easily, get tailored recommendations, find important details about the collections and engage with other NFT enthusiasts.

For Traders

While Watchen is not a trading platform, we provide comprehensive market data to help traders make informed decisions. In addition, the plethora of information available on Watchen will help traders find new opportunities.

For Creators

NFT creators don't have access to tools, like analytics, that traditional businesses take for granted. They simply don't exist. We will build tools for creators to grow, manage their communities, and find their audience.

outer space background

the decentralization
of ownership.

NFTs are a force for positive change in the societal structure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Watchen?

It is a directory of NFT collections where you can discover and learn about new projects and network with other NFT enthusiasts. Think of Product Hunt (if you are familiar with the platform) on steroids for NFT collections.

Who is it for?

Watchen is for collectors, traders and creators. You'll find value whether you are new to the space or an absolute degen.

Why use Watchen?

If you want to discover NFT collections and participate in the communities you like and you are tired of jumping between Twitter and Discord while trying to avoid scammers, then Watchen is for you. Watchen is also for everyone who wants to know more about NFTs in a clear, simple, and safe way.

Is Watchen paid or free to use?

Watchen will be completely free to use.

Is there a waitlist?

No. There are no waitlists on Watchen. Everything will be open for everyone (permissionless).

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