Coming in February 2024

Discover & Research NFTs in a few clicks

There are millions of NFT collections, but we know very few of them. This is a problem for Collectors because we lose opportunities & for Creators because they can’t find their audience and they are lost in the noise. Watchen is the right solution for that.

A way to easily Discover collections

Find everything you need on the Homepage, Search page, or Explore page.



For the first time, you can find projects based on how strong community they have.



Find collections based on your preferences using filters.

Do Your Own Research in a few clicks

Each collection has its own Facebook Page-like profile.

Links & Details

Links & Details

The header of each collection contains relevant links and some basic details.

Tabs & Info

Tabs & Info

The tabs contain everything you need to know about the collection. Trading Data, Art samples, and a Creator section are some of them.

List for free - Maximum Security

Each user can list a collection on Watchen completely for free.

Smart Contract address or OpenSea URL

Smart Contract address or OpenSea URL

To list a project, connect your wallet and give us the Smart Contract address or the OpenSea URL (only if the collection was created through OpenSea).

Check the deployer

Check the deployer

When you list a collection, we check if you are connected with the deployer wallet. If you are, you get a Creator badge that also appears in the Creator section. The badge is also visible in the project's comment section, so when you talk, everyone knows it's the official creator.

Our vision:

We see NFT collections as the small business of the new digital era. Some of them will become big enough to be compared with the most notable brands of today. But for these small businesses to flourish, we need a safe place where people can easily find them, filter them based on preference, and participate in their communities. At the same time, the founders of NFT collections need tools to find their audience, manage their communities, and grow their businesses. This is what we want Watchen to be. A safe and neutral place where the decentralized economy can thrive using tools that traditional organizations take for granted.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Watchen?

Watchen is a directory of NFT collections where you can discover and learn about new projects and network with other NFT enthusiasts. Think of it as an NFT catalog with social media features. Or a Product Hunt (if you are familiar with the platform) on steroids for NFT collections.

Who is it for?

Watchen is for everyone interested in NFTs. You'll find value whether you are new to the space or an absolute degen.

Why use Watchen?

If you want to discover NFT collections and participate in the communities you like and are tired of jumping between Twitter and Discord while trying to avoid scammers, then Watchen is for you. Watchen is also for everyone who wants don’t know what NFTs are and want to learn in a clear, simple, and safe way.

Is Watchen paid or free to use?

Watchen will be completely free to use.

Is there a waitlist?

No. There are no waitlists on Watchen. Everything will be open for everyone.